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Hi, I am Susann in Ängelholm, Sweden. This page was made to introduce me, my cats and what I am selling on Ebay the largest webauction in the world. If you want to see what I sell, then please use the link further down to go directly to my items on Ebay. I sell a lot of different things, just like a Swedish fleamarket but on the internet. If you are looking for

and much, much more, then you have come to the right place!

My username, the name every buyer and seller on eBay has, is xscat: xs is an abbreviation for cross-stitch and cat...well, I have had cats all my life (almost), so that came naturally! As so many other craft persons, I'm a catlover.Right now I have two cats, Emil and Kasper. You can see pictures of them and read about them if you click at the "Cats & me" button above.
I invented my username when I first started to sell on an online auction for cross-stitch related items. That was in 1998, and I can still remember the feeling when I sold my first ever item: a cross-stitch pattern for 3 dollars! I felt so rich! Then someone there told me about Ebay...and since then I have been selling there mainly, plus at a Swedish webauction, Tradera, Swedish webauction. My username there is xscat just as here. You can get information about how to register and buy in English, just click on the English flag that you find in the top of almost each page.

The other buttons above will take you to some sites about Ängelholm and Sweden, my favorite links and of course a button to contact me. I plan to add a guestbook in the future, but right now I'm happy if I can get this page updated once in a while!

Swedish Fleamarket, my Ebay Store! Click on the link and you will come directly to the items I sell on Ebay!

I hope you will enjoy my page, please feel free to contact me with questions and comments!
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svensk flagga 14/8-03. Till mina svenska besökare! Tyvärr finns inte de här sidorna på svenska ännu, men det ska bli..någon gång i framtiden! Med tanke på att uppdateringen jag gör nu är den första sedan oktober 2002 så kanske ni förstår att det inte lär bli inom de närmaste veckorna i alla fall. 9 januari 2009..och än har det inte blivit gjort! Men ge inte upp hoppet... Och det är nu 6 augusti 2012 och ännu är den inte översatt. Det går nog fortare för er att använda Googles översättningstjänst...

Many thanks to my neighbor Kim Wretling, without him these pages couldn't have been made! Updated August 6, 2012.