The Coat of Arms of Ängelholm The Coat of Arms of Ängelholm

Ängelholm, the town where I live, has around 37000 inhabitants in the whole town area. It was founded in the 1500's, sort of. The original town, called "Luntertun" (the earliest written documentation of that name is from 1303) situated a bit north of today's town had to move because the escape of sand from the coast made it impossible to remain. The present king, Kristian II, decided that it should move a bit south. The city, that was called "Engelholm" received it's "City charter" in 1516. Ängelholm is situated in the southernmost region of Sweden, Skåne, on the west> It takes me about 10 minutes to bicycle to the sea, where there is a 7 km (4.34 miles) long sandy beach. As you may understand we have a lot of tourists during the summer.
The big summer month here is July, when all the major events take place. The Rose Festival, with a long procession of flower-dressed vehicles of different kinds is the most popular. During that day there can be around 70000 people in Ängelholm. I will later on put some pictures from it here, but they are still on the film roll and not developed so I don't know if they are any good. There is also the "Clay Cuckoo Market" that goes on for two days, in addition to the Rose Festival. There you can buy all kinds of handcrafted items as well as more modern stuff, like CD's, custome jewellry, candy...all kinds of things. The summer ends, at least we think so here, with the "Light Feast" in the middle of August, the weekend before the schools start again. As we have a beautiful river dwindling through Ängelholm out to the sea, the events that day takes place on and off the river. There are all kinds of contests between teams from local companies and most ends with all participants getting very, very wet! Then there is a boat parade, with illuminated boats on a given theme, on the river. The evening ends with a magnificent fireworks show.

Picture of clay cuckoo Ängelholm is called the "Clay cuckoo town" because of the many potters that have worked here during the centuries. One of the more unuseful products..was/is the clay cuckoo. Now it's the more or less official symbol of Ängelholm and comes in different sizes. All can be played on of course. We even have a "Clay cuckoo orchestra" that gives concerts during the summer. Not big, but they have quite recently released a CD. The members are all children.

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